We are a small team of computer graphics artists. We own this site and everything that it contains. We work mainly on the creation of 3D models of cars and electronics. But our capabilities are not limited to this. We can also create 3d objects of architecture, planes, weapons and other things. We are also open to unscheduled work not only related to 3d modeling. We can do the rendering, photo editing, video editing, simple and complex animations.

Working with 3D graphics and creating good models requires a lot of time, great skills and a lot of work. Our experience, creativity and unwillingness to sleep – that’s what allows us to create high-quality 3D models for a short period of time and at a reasonable price. (Our prices are on average lower than those of other designers)

Some characteristics of our models

For each of our model cars are characterized by the following 3d formats:
– Multi formats (3ds, fbx, obj)
– .max, .mb and .lwo (3ds Max/Maya/Lightwave 2015 and above)
– .c4d (Cinema 4D R15 and above)

For the .max and .c4d formats, standart, mental ray and v-ray materials are provided. All 3d models of electronics include the .e3d format, for the plugin Element 3D from Videocopilot.

Custom Job

If you decide to order a custom job from us, write to us at [email protected] Provide clear information about what you want to receive. Exact or approximate dimensions, color, year of manufacture, model (if it is a car or something like that). Do not forget to tell us how many polygons the model should contain and what format you need.

We can make a completely new model for you or simply modify it from existing models according to your needs. Prices depend on the time required to complete the work.
The model can be executed without using any blueprints, you need only a few photos or sketches. But understand, in order to get the best work in a short period of time, the blueprints will be of great help to us

Rights to use.

You may use our models:

  • For personal or commercial use.
  • For advertising or promotional use.
  • For website or in any electronic devices.
  • In broadcast or animation.
  • In books or magazines.

but we will not permit you to:

  • 1. Sell, resell, and distribute the models in any form / media.
  • 2. Provide any free download of the models in any web site or electronic devices.
  • 3. Modify the models and sell or distribute the modified ones in any form / media.We can conclude an agreement on copyright in any form at your request.

The exclusive owner of all contents contained on this site is Korneelov3D Team and Cactus3D Team